We invite you to join our NEA meeting in Svalbarðseyri, northern Iceland. Svalbarðseyri is a small municipality 10 min outside of Akureyri in Eyjafjörður. We’ve chosen this location because of it’s beauty and environment but also because it gives us and you an opportunity for a more budget friendly NEA meeting but without scaling back the quality and wow factors. Simply put, you choose the experience you would like to take. Day tours will be held that give you the most of the area and allow you to experience northern Iceland. The goal for us is that when you leave back home you leave with great memories, a lot of new connections and know some of the Icelandic traditions.

How to get to Akureyri

Sadly, EasyJet will not start flying London-Akureyri and back until later in the month so direct flight to Akureyri from Europe will not be available. Which means those joining the event will need to come to Iceland via Keflavik Airport in the south and come from there to Akureyri. It’s possible to take a domestic flight from Reykjavik Airport to Akureyri Airport which takes around 45 min. We are also creating a mini pre-tour where we drive from Keflavik/Reykjavik to Akureyri which takes around 5-6 hours. However, you get to see some of the country and enjoy some drinks on the way. But for such a trip to work you need to arrive on Wednesday or very early on Thursday. But if you do come early let us know and we can assist you with finding a place to stay and enjoy the capital area.

Map of the area

Our main event area is Eyjafjörður, a fjord in the northern part of Iceland. On the following map we have pinned a few places where we have our events but also some interesting locations that we may visit in day tours

The Team and Contact

Siggi Óli Sveinsson

Axel Björgvin Höskuldsson

Bjarki Freyr Brynjólfsson

Bjarni Þór Guðmundsson

Daníel Sigurður Eðvaldsson
Co-convenior Registration

Elvar Örn Birgisson

Sævar Þór Halldórsson

Whatsapp group

Join our broadcast group for the NEAR meeting. Here we will post updates about the meeting and inform you of updates to the meeting.

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