Pricing and availability of tickets

Our prices are in ISK (Icelandic Króna) but 1 EUR is roughly 150 ISK. This means a registration with 3 day shared accommodation is 87.000 ISK or approximately 580 EUR.

We can accommodate up to around 250-300 people at the event locations. However we only have around 150-160 spaces available in our partnered accommodations. But the area has a number of hotels and guesthouses to choose from which we will tell you about below.

Tickets with shared accommodation

We have partnered up with Hotel Natur which is a nice farm hotel close by the main event location with an incredible view of the fjord and the surrounding mountains. The Hotel will be our main event hub and is split into the main Hotel building and a few buildings in the surrounding area but close by. At the main Hotel we will join for breakfast and enjoy some quality time together when we are not out and about somewhere. There we have around 100ish beds and all rooms are in a shared setting. If anyone needs to have a single room feel free to send us a message and let us know so we will do our very best to accommodate you. Visit their website for more information The Rooms – Hótel Natur (

Coming as a group or want something more private?

For those who want more flexibility we have deals with guesthouses and cabins that are large enough for a few people close to the main event area. Since it’s a bit difficult to put all the options onto the site to pick out please send us a message to and we give you the options based on your group size. These options can be a more budget friendly for groups. Breakfast at the main Hotel can be added if you want. You can book your ticket without accommodation to secure your spot at the event.

More luxury or want to choose yourself?

Akureyri and the area as a whole has number of Hotels, Guesthouses and Airbnb apartments. We have no special deal with them but you are welcome to book your preferred accommodation. You can book your ticket without accommodation to secure your spot at the event. Visit the local turism site for list of accommodations in the area. See Accommodation in and around | Visit Akureyri

Ticket Selection

Pre-Tour and Day-Tours

We will publish all details on the Pre-Tour from Reykjavik and all the Day-tours as soon as we can. But the planned start of the Pre-Tour will be 14th of October from Reykjavik.

For those who arrive in Reykjavik and want to skip the Pre-Tour we are looking to create a small budget friendlier and more fun route to the event. This would take place early morning Thursday, 17th of October 2024 and will drive via busses from Reykjavík to Akureyri. Also we may offer a return bus trip to Reykjavík/Keflavík on Sunday. But more information on this tour to be published soon and the price for each leg of the trip.

RT Bar

Alcohol prices are high in Iceland due to heavy taxation and tariffs but prices in the Alcohol shops (Vínbúðin) are lower then at bars and restaurants. At the bar a beer is around 10 EUR and a good G&T around 15 EUR. In order to reduce the costs for you we will have a RT Bar where we serve you drinks at lower rates up to around 50% the normal bar rates. The bar is open during the days and on scheduled events. Special drink punch-cards can be purchased which allow you to pre-pay for a few drinks so you don’t need to take up your wallet every time.


Included in the ticket price is local transportation in reasonable range from the main event area in and around Akureyri and Svalbarðseyri. Pick up from and to Akureyri airport and partnered accommodations to the events is included. Since Eyjafjörður is a large area and distances can be long we can’t do any trip included but we stand ready to sort this out with you.

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