The schedule for the weekend may change and we will publish the full schedule with more detail the closer we get to the event. But what we promise is a unforgettable tabling experience in the North.

Welcome party on Thursday

Round Table club number five has created a tradition in Iceland that is slowly spreading to more and more clubs, always to travel to regional meetings on Thursdays and get an early start for the Friday activities. The day has become known as Fimman á Fimmtudegi, which translates basically to Fivers on Thursday. So, to kick of officially the weekend activities we have made plans for a great welcome event where you will be able to make your first connections with local tablers, enjoy some dinner with music and some surprise activities we may tell more about when the event gets closer. You will not want to miss this welcome party at least.

Friday evening House Parties

For Friday’s event we will split up into different house parties where you will dine with your host and random group of tablers. Some drinks will be provided in reasonable amounts.

Workshops, NEA Meeting and Board meetings

All of the workshops, national board meetings, NEA meeting will be held at the local school of Svalbarðseyri. The location is a few minutes by car away from the main hotel and has lots of space available for meetings and plenty of space for our NEA meeting.

The NEA meeting will be formal and will also include a small chartering ceremony for Round Table club number 15. After the meeting the banner exchange will be held and this year we have four exchanges; Convenior for RT5, Convenior for RT15, NEA Chairman and President RT Iceland.

Saturday party

There will be no gala dinner this year but instead we will be inviting you to a traditional Réttarball, which is a Icelandic countryside festival usually held after the sheeps have been collected down from the mountains and sorted to the farm they belong to. This means show up in a great patterned sweater or if you have a traditional Icelandic wool sweater even better. Dinner will be provided and an RT Bar for thirsty guests. The event will take place at the school, where the meetings are held. The NEA Awards will be handed out in the opening of the event so be there on time.


In downtown Akureyri there are numerous bars that are open into until 3:00 AM in the morning. So when the scheduled events end but you want to continue the fun downtown we will guide you to the best places.

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